Be engaging.

Engaged parents means motivated pupils.

So, engaging parents more in the education of their children has long been a central objective of all educators, including those of children with special needs.It is also now a central Ofsted metric.

Sharing, securely and in a controlled way, the beautiful Earwig records that your staff will produce is an almost effortless way to provide parents with a regular window into their child’s life at school and multiply enthusiasm and points of connectio
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Engaging parents can be very time consuming for teachers. Take it to the next level and reduce workload at the same time.

Sharing Earwig timelines with parents

Each Earwig parent gets a secure login and a wonderful, free, ever-growing record of their child’s school life.

After-school conversations become much more interesting and productive. Parents are delighted to be so informed and are consequently more supportive of the school in other ways.

Parents and teachers can communicate around individual records and parents can add their own observations to enhance the value of their child’s education record.

Is it secure?

Earwig is NOT social media. Parents can only see their childrens’ records.
Parents need a login approved by the school in order to access the system.

In sensitive situations, (e.g. Looked After children) parents or guardians can opt  children out of even this limited exposure.

See Earwig Child Protection Policy for more detail.

Who can benefit from it?

When parents are already informed, parent evenings become shorter and more productive.Some leading Earwig schools use feedback thus achieved to focus in on parents who need more support or encouragement to get fully engaged.

In the video below you will learn how Addington School also use this to help parents who are already ‘engaged’ to become ‘involved’.
"Research has shown that childrens’ grades improve by an average of 15% when parents are engaged."