The Earwig Pupil Assessment Framework Library

Earwig has been providing pupil assessment, tracking and reporting software for special needs for more than a decade.

In that time, we have amassed a collection of more than 400 assessment structures, schemes and curricula. - all oriented towards the SEND requirements in the UK. These include statutory curricula, proprietary packages for every level and disability, and many frameworks created by schools for their particular pupil cohort.

These frameworks are available to schools which use the Earwig technology. The Framework Finder will enable you to locate the specific set of frameworks relevant to your interest and the View button will enable you to drill down and see exactly what each contains and how it is laid out.

You don't have to be an Earwig user to browse the library.
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The Individualised EHCP Framework

Each Earwig school uses a variety of different pupil assessment mechanisms and structures. Some like a few big ‘all through’ frameworks, others prefer many smaller, subject based schemes. But there is one framework that almost every special school needs  -  the Earwig Editable EHCP framework.This enables schools to replicate EHCP required outcomes for each pupil, build these out into detailed target sets and evolve the targets over time.  The beauty of doing this in the Earwig software is that...
         Tracking progress is easy, even with an evolving target set.Adding evidence to each topic is even easier.
Producing vivid reports which match each local authority specification is a matter of a few clicks. EHCP reports work on each pupils Annual Review cycle, so can be produced at any time of year.
This feature is unique to Earwig. Teachers tell us that it is their biggest time and stress saver.
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